by Brenda

Every woman wants a man who loves her for who she really is. But love is not enough. It is only the basis for a good relationship. There are among other things, commitment, trust, reassurance, respect, validation and devotion. All these things need to be met.

Generally, men think they are being loving when they openly express their love to a woman. They feel they have satisfied their woman when they give to women what they want to receive. But it doesn’t work that way.

To begin with, a man must show interest in a woman’s feelings, and make her feel like she can trust him with whatever, and he won’t be judgemental of her. He must show empathy to her, and validate her feelings. When she feels heard and understood, she is more likely to give him the acceptance he needs.

Moreover, she needs commitment from her man. Besides love, commitment makes a woman secure. It makes her feel trustworthy, and thereby puts her in a position to give off her best.

That notwithstanding, every woman needs reassurance. Telling your woman that you love her today is certainly not a guarantee that you’ll love her tomorrow. She needs to know that you care, understand and respect her feelings, not once but continuously. A reassuring attitude tells a woman that she is continually loved.

There is also the issue of trust. Trust is built over a period, it doesn’t happen overnight. When communication is broken, it is difficult for a woman to fully trust you. After all, sin thrives in secrecy, so if you’re not talking to me, there’s clearly someone you’re talking to. Lack of communication and mistrust can only be solved when there is transparency and openness.

In addition, devote your time to her. Your devotion must not waver. Show love, loyalty and enthusiasm for her person. Be excited when you have the chance to spend time with her. Be concerned about her activities and things that mean the most to her. Stand up for her when people abuse her. Choose her over everyone else. Always be willing to spend quality time with her than you would with third parties.

Again, respect her. Take into consideration her thoughts and feelings. Acknowledge and prioritize her rights, wishes and needs. Love is reciprocal. Every woman responds to a man’s love. Remember that no woman will want to be with a man who will make her feel unworthy of his love. When she feels she is number one in his life, then quite easily, she regards him with overall satisfaction.

Men are inclined to need women just as women are designed to want men. We all have a need for each other. It is therefore a necessity that not only should we give our love, but also give our partner what he/she needs. Show kindness, give friendship, be emotionally mature and sensitive to each other’s needs and love with your all. Don’t stop giving your love. Your partner will not always be loving. Just don’t forget to catch the good in the bad.

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