by Brenda

I am saddened by the recent events in Nigeria. In 2018, I visited Nigeria twice and I had such a wonderful experience. I even thought of relocating. Hearing about the political unrest which followed police brutality certainly breaks my heart. I haven’t been able to watch a single video nor can I stand the sight of the Nigerian flag draped in blood. It is heartwrenching. Honestly, crimes against humanity are barbaric and shouldn’t be happening in this century. We have outgrown them as Africans. We are enlightened enough to know that we do not deserve this. We have a right to protest, and to use dialogue where necessary. We should not be made to suffer because the justice system has failed to bring perpetrators to book. Aren’t there any decent leaders on this continent? Leaders who are human enough to defend the rights of the people? Why do we elect representatives who present themselves as humanitarians into power and later have them turn their backs on us? I think many more of us should take up the political hierarchy. If we can’t have the right leaders, perhaps many of us can be the right leaders by venturing into politics. It is only then that we can let the voices of the people be heard. The conversation shouldn’t end with #ENDSARS. We must vote these leaders out and possibly vie for positions or elect those with a heart for the people. The youth must come together to form a political party that would oust bad governments. There is a revolution coming and the earlier we align with our own, the better it would be for us citizens. We have been manipulated for far too long. The narrative needs to change from mere #ENDSARS hashtags to a more calculated action!

Written by Brenda Lutterodt

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