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A Life With Purpose

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Do you feel unworthy or delayed in life? Are you tired of just getting by? Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life? Have you ever thought of how your life would be had you known it’s true meaning? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.

A Life With Purpose draws on biblical wisdom to reveal how you can find meaning in life. Author and broadcast journalist, Brenda Lutterodt shows you how to live a life with purpose no matter where you are in life. Through practical examples, you’ll learn how to
-Discover your purpose
-Nurture your purpose
-Keep your faith and trust in God
-Let others benefit from your purpose

Whether it is finding your purpose or living your truth, this book will help you to step out in faith and set you on the path to self-fulfilment.


5 reviews for A Life With Purpose

  1. Adolf

    “A life with purpose indeed. It is well-thought-out and written. A good book.” —Adolf

  2. Dorita

    “My first book for 2020. Can’t believe I really finished it.” —Dorita

  3. Emefa

    “I am not the reading type but I was eager to read it. Wish I will read it again and again and again. I gave it to my little sister to also read. Keep it up. Can’t wait to read another book of yours.” —Emefa

  4. Dziedzorm

    “Your book is an inspiration. Title of books inspires me to buy them and don’t read much but yours got me to read more and even set a schedule for reading books this year and beyond. God bless you.” —Dziedzorm

  5. Norbert

    “Amazing book. Has a lot of lessons in there and so much inspiration.” —Norbert

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