by Brenda

Are you out of work and out of options? Well, maybe, there’s still a glimmer of hope, don’t give up just yet.

Honestly, we’ve all been through a phase of life where nothing seems to be working. It feels like we’re stuck where we are, no progress, nothing happening, all doors closing in on us and all attempts proving futile. Especially when you complete school and you’re in high hopes of getting a well-paid job, a slight delay in having your dreams met can lead to a whole lot of frustration. You begin to question God and the political system in which you were born, because you feel you don’t deserve what’s coming at you. But perhaps have you thought of using the social capital available to you? Tell me, what do you have around you that can be put to good use? These days, everyone is trying to earn enough money so that the problems in their political sphere and geographical location don’t affect them. You too, can do same. You are not entirely out of options. You just need a change of mindset. Here’s how!

1. No work? Look for opportunities that match your skill. Go to companies who will need your services and offer to help them for free. Show them what you will bring to the table. Show them how your input will make a difference in their company. It’s only a matter of time, when your worth is now very clear, that they will begin to pay you for your services.

2. No opportunities that match your skill? Create one. When you look around you, in your locality or region, you may begin to notice a vacuum in a particular field. Capitalize on that and set up a business in that regard. That way you can serve the needs of your community and expand to meet other markets. You will be surprised that you would earn a reputation for being the first to come up with such an invention. Alternatively, you can look for opportunities for further training in that skill.

3. No opportunities for further studies or training? I feel your plight. I have been there too. In fact sometimes you just don’t have the funds to pursue further education. And sometimes when you do have the funds, the political system in which you live can deny you access to travel. But all hope is not lost. Is there a way you can capitalize on your relationships to connect you to new opportunities? Go to every nook and cranny and ask for help. From that church friend, to that old school mate, or that annoying family member or that disloyal friend, go and seek help. Don’t let your self-pride get in the way, let them know you’re in need of an opportunity.

4. No relationships that can connect you to new opportunities? Too bad. If you’re an introvert like me, being sociable is difficult and even if you have the right people, having time to water your relationships can be tiresome. But this world is not an island, so change your ways. Don’t starve your relationships. Nurture them. There is one last option available to you, and that is, to sell your assets or possessions to make money. Mind you, this money that you will make from the sale should not be used only to fend, a part of it must be invested into something that can earn you money. That way, you are assured of constant income from somewhere, however little.

5. No assets or possessions that can be sold to make money? You’re doomed! Wow! You mean nada? Zilch! Oh my! At this point, you have exhausted all your options. All you need to do is fast and pray. Or better still, live at the mercy of donations and the goodwill of others! I’m just kidding! You’re never out of options! Look within yourself! In there, lies an opportunity!

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