by Brenda

Entrepreneurs operate in uncertain environments thus the need to re-strategize often to avoid business failure. Although there are many causes why business fail, the most common is insufficient experience. Here are ways to learn from business failure.

Acquire the necessary experience.  It is not enough to have a dream and implement it, you need to nurture your dream by acquiring the necessary skill and experience needed to boost your business. Failure is not final. The entrepreneur can increase his or her knowledge of entrepreneurship by learning more from failures than successes.

The failure of your business should birth innovations. Learning the hard way can give insight into learning the ways that would actually work. Knowledge about loopholes in the business venture can lead to improvements in technology and help in future endeavours.

Losing a source of income and pride can add to one’s personal growth. After the failure of a business, most entrepreneurs are likely to experience some form of grief. Reflection about why the business failed can help to draw invaluable lessons about the consequences of business actions. This in turn can be a catalyst for new projects.

Business failure also gives the entrepreneur time to focus on other ventures that were previously being ignored. Essential activities necessary for restructuring aspects of the entrepreneur’s life such as focusing more on their family life, health and coping with issues of stress can be relieving.

Allow yourself to get over the pain. Do not interrupt the grieving process. Overcoming grief will create a stir inside you that can birth greatness. The fact that you have failed once doesn’t mean you won’t fail again or that your life and business are failures. It only means that you learn new ways of doing things.

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