by Brenda

The world is increasingly becoming anxious as fuel prices skyrocket and the cost of living rises. Everyday, more and more people fall into a state of depression and turn on survival mode. But how can we avoid anxiety in this world of uncertainty?

First, trust in God. I know you will say, ‘There she goes again with this God-talk.’ Truth is, God is the only constant in this uncertain world. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever and so shall it remain even after our departure. We must learn to trust in God. We must repose confidently in His hands, trusting in His wisdom, plan and provision for our lives. God knows the end of a thing from its beginning. He knows the future even when we don’t see it. I always say, God is faithful. He sees the bigger picture. And just like we will call on friends to complain of the current global economic crisis, we should call on God to tell Him that indeed if He knows how to give good gifts to His children and provides for the birds of the air and the fishes in the sea, we too are beyond worthy. God doesn’t deal with information, He deals with revelation. (Meditate on Philippians 4:6, Proverbs 12:21)

Secondly, take one day at a time. I have come to believe strongly that life itself requires a strong amount of patience and one thing that makes it a lot easier is to take life as it comes, a day after the other. This means that although you set long-term goals and short-term goals you should delight in fulfilling the short-term ones while eyeing the long term. A day at a time. You wake up, challenge yourself and work towards that end goal. You might not see the entire bigger picture but be rest assured that little by little, you will get there.

Moreover, invest in human capital. Human capital is the knowledge, skills and expertise you build throughout your life. Your value to your organisation, country and society as a productive person is no longer based on what you knew in the past but what you know now in terms of current trends. Most companies are no longer employing based on the qualifications of a degree you earned years back but are looking at modern trends and innovation and how you fit into their long-term vision. Add value to yourself. Upgrade by self-educating. Enhance your abilities. What can you do now that makes you valuable to modern society?

Again, invest in digital technologies. This is 2022 and a quick Google search will tell you what to expect in 2025. According to an article I read on Pew Research Center, the future will be more tech-driven with bigger challenges. The advantaged will enjoy more advantages while the disadvantaged fall further behind. More and more businesses will be automated leading to a reduction in the number of available jobs. Why not equip yourself for the future?

Now we know that digital technology comes with less human interaction, which brings me to my next point: build and improve on your relationships. Relationships will keep you happier and sane in a world where there is so much isolation. With people who seem more interested in devices than they are in each other, mental health will deteriorate, so forming healthy relationships will help you go through life’s challenges without feeling alone.

Finally, you will need sustainable income for a stable and anxiety-free life. If you’re part of the boomerang generation who left home to live on their own and returned when they fell on hard times, know that sustainable income is necessary for independent living.

Remember, God, patience, human capital, digital technology, relationships and a sustainable income will help you navigate life’s many challenges to avoid anxiety in an uncertain world.

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