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covid 19

Aren’t we all feeling bored already? This Covid-19 period is certainly showing us how much of time we can have on our hands!

I had a conversation with a friend earlier today and she expressed how the boredom was getting her to think all sorts of thoughts and to remember things in the past that were not necessary. I shared in her thoughts.

Couple of days back, I was telling another friend how being poor had a way of making you envious of the rich. Especially when things are not going well with you and your finances, and you see someone spending lavishly, you are tempted to think that all they spend on is a waste of money. But perhaps you would do same if you have exhausted your list of needs and all you had left was a tall list of wants.

What am I saying? Situations can make you to think or say things that have nothing to do with reality. The reality is that you don’t have to let that situation get the better part of you. So in this Covid-19 period, here are a few things you can do to kill the boredom:

Get started on those goals – If you’re like me, you probably have tons of goals stack up in the notes section of your phone. Again and again, you constantly whine about how you can never find the time to achieve one or the other. But now look, you have all the time to achieve those goals. Leverage on the time. What is making you bored? Is it true you have nothing to do? Can you be honest with yourself? It is a known fact that what distinguishes average people from people of excellence is the time they put in to get the work done. Excellent people have, at a point in their lives, had to deny themselves of all pleasures just so they could achieve their goals. You can do same too. Limit the amount of time you spend watching people’s WhatsApp statuses and being on social media and focus on your goals. When you are done you can probably indulge yourself. Just a little. Then go ahead and set new goals. Remember 2020 is the year of being conscious, so you should be intentional about your life. Let this period of discomfort get you to do something worthwhile. Remember, results over excuses.

Build multiple streams of income – If there is one thing I have learnt from this Covid-19 pandemic,  it is to save. Who would have thought? Imagine not being able to work, and losing that job because your company is folding up. How would you survive? But for the intervention of family and friends, you would lose hope. So this is the time to look for money in all the right places. You may ask, how? Well, can you turn that hobby into a business? If you love to cook, why not do so on a large scale? If you love to talk, why not take it upon yourself to mentor people by leveraging on technology? You know you can earn a living as a life coach, right? Or perhaps yours is to sew? You can probably sew masks and make it available to people at a price. By now, you should be thinking of doing something else in addition to your single source of income, because these hard times have taught us that life may not always happen as it should.

Look out for resources and make use of them – So now that you have time and have found another way of making money, why not look around for what you have and put it to good use? So you have a cake mixer that is gathering dust and an oven that is seldom used, why not bake? Or you have a phone and light equipment, why not set up a YouTube channel and start shooting those videos you always dreamt about? Or you have more than enough clothes and shoes that are not being used? Why not pack them up to be sent to an orphanage that needs them. Even if your baking is not top-notch, you would have gained experience. You will now know what works and what doesn’t. The same applies to that YouTube channel. The feedback you get can help you improve your videography skills. And oh that orphanage, it will definitely be grateful to you. For what’s worth, you stand to lose nothing. If you’re like me who can spend hours just watching people’s WhatsApp statuses, or being on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and what have you, you are losing something. Your precious time, your money and your resources! Check your surroundings. What do you have too much of that you can bless someone with? What do you have that is not even in use? Look for it and make good use of it. Because when Covid-19 is over and everyone is showing their results on the gram and other social media, all you will have is your EXCUSES. Oh, did I hear you say boredom? Tell me about it.

If there is nothing you remember about this article, remember TIME, MONEY and RESOURCES. Put them to good use. I must add that this period can be emotionally draining especially when you don’t even feel like doing anything because you are not mentally stable. But hold on, because THIS TOO SHALL PASS. We will get through this, together!

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Sarah May 9, 2020 - 2:21 pm

It shall certainly pass! GOD bless you.

Brenda May 9, 2020 - 6:10 pm

Yes it will! God is faithful! God bless you too!

Claudia May 10, 2020 - 12:52 pm

Great stuff in here.Undoubtedly the best site right now.👌

Brenda May 12, 2020 - 2:12 am

Thank you, Claudia!


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