by Brenda

Financial Independence is one important subject that needs to be discussed. Whether you are single and trying to break free from your parents’ financial hold, or you are married and trying to be independent, you need to be financially free to make your own decisions. Today I share 4 tips that can help you gain financial independence.

1. The first is to Know Your Purpose. Not this purpose talk again, you say? Well, the truth is only one. When you know why you’re here on this earth, you can figure out what steps to take to get to your destined place and that will help you to earn a living to give you the financial independence you desire.

2. Secondly, Invest in Your Future. Once you have passed the purpose test, you have a responsibility to make sure your purpose comes to fruition. Take action steps. So your purpose is to fight against the injustices in this world, and the career that somewhat fits your purpose is to become a lawyer, judge or human rights activist. So what does this career entail? It needs education. Lots and lots of education. Bingo! Invest in education then! Study to show yourself approved! At the end of the day, you will have what it takes to earn you a living and to gain financial independence.

3. Look for multiple streams of income! Did you know most of your hobbies can be turned into a business? Is it writing on social media? Perhaps you can start a paid blog. Is it fashion or makeup? Perhaps you can start a makeup business or fashion brand. Is it sleeping? Perhaps you can develop an app that makes people sleep better, or pick up your favourite beddings and pillows and offer them for sale on your online business page.

4. Create healthy debt- Did you know you can access credit facilities from close family and friends(F&F), use it for business and pay them back? I call this healthy debt. This is because you have a healthy relationship with your creditor and your desire to pay back also establishes your credibility. It’s not enough to always call your F&F for money to meet your needs, reinvent yourself and get to work.

And if you try any of these methods and it works for you, be sure to send me my share! I mean, the goal is to be financially free too!

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Thelma Gyasi June 25, 2021 - 7:51 pm

I love this!

Brenda June 25, 2021 - 9:39 pm

Thank you,sis!


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