by Brenda

Have you ever met someone who made careless remarks just because he or she hadn’t eaten? These remarks are usually followed by a warning, ‘Don’t upset me because I haven’t eaten today.’ Indeed the saying is true, “A hungry man is an angry man.”

Like physical hunger, spiritual hunger, can weaken our ability to discern situations around us. That inner sense of emptiness convinces us that it’s okay to settle for anything, even if it means settling for less. Our lack of a constant relationship with God leads us towards a life of complacency. After all, God wills His ways. He wouldn’t let us be tempted more than we can handle.

But God wants more for us than a life lived at the mercy of our appetites. He didn’t put us here on earth just to enjoy the good things in life. Man cannot live by bread alone, we must enrich our lives with spiritual food.

God wants us to check our spiritual appetite. We must not be moved by the things of this world. When we come into God’s presence constantly, He fills us with knowledge, and gives us the wisdom to make good decisions. Communing with Him allows Him room to discern situations around us, and offer solutions to our problems. Yes, He is a loving and good Father.

Are you yearning to learn more of God’s Word? Do you desire the things of God? Are you constantly making mistakes because you are spiritually empty? Do you fight your battles on your knees with the Word or crumble at every attack the enemy throws at you?

God is calling you to check your spiritual appetite. You can’t lose on this battlefield. You need to bury yourself in studying the inspired Word of God. It is not over until you have won and prospered also. God is working something in you. Claim it by communing with Him.

See Jesus as the Bread of Life and you will never be hungry. Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts and in every area of your life. God’s purposes are for your good. Only a relationship with Him can reveal the pitfalls around you.

Have you noticed that men of God who don’t feed on God’s word do not carry His presence? I mean, He doesn’t take His anointing from the men He calls when they go contrary to His will. They will still perform miracles, signs and wonders in His name. But God’s presence leaves. He is no longer with them.

Are you spiritually hungry? Go and eat your food!

God’s Word

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