by Brenda

God is faithful. God is a God of behind the scenes.

Our case study is taken from the book of Job.

Notice that when Job was going through periods of hardship, sickness, disease, loss of wealth, grief, everyone around him tried to give reasons why he was going through what he was going through. Some may have insinuated that he had offended God. Others may have said that he had bitterness in his heart and was unforgiving and as such calamity beheld him. Still, others may have said Job had a weak prayer life hence the cause of his own problem. But God was behind the scenes.

There are times when we go through stuff in life and the people around us deem it necessary to accuse us as being the cause of our own problems. They give all kinds of reasons for our plight forgetting that God may be the same person pulling the strings.

Job’s plight was a test of his faith. Did he know that God and the devil had gone into an agreement to test his faithfulness? He sure didn’t know. But one thing he was certain of was the faithfulness of God towards Him. He stood with His faith and came out victorious in the end. God restored everything he lost in multiple folds!

God is not a God of incident where you judge Him by one incident happening in your life. He has been faithful to you right from the time you were born and is not going to stop being faithful. Not with this incident!

Behold, He is the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for Him? Why would you join the bandwagon like Job’s wife and his friends to curse God and die? Can you see behind the scenes?

What if God was behind that seemingly insurmountable problem you can’t seem to get through? He knows the end from the beginning, and says the end of a thing is better than its beginning! The question is, Will you trust Him?

Note: Be careful that you don’t perceive what others are going through as a result of their own shortcomings. Not everything is black and white. God can use one person to deliver an entire generation. Trust His plan and pray that you and the people around you, walk in His will.

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