by Brenda

Oh boy! If there is any Christmas I wanted to ‘chop’ like no other, it was this one! I wanted to bam bam and chill with the big boys! I wanted to do Detty December! I had lots of things planned out but guess what, things didn’t work out my way! Life happened!

I remember on 21st when I put up my tree! I had to go shop for more items to make my tree look radiant! I came home all pumped up to changed my room decor. And finally my tree was up, serenading that Christmas feeling!

Two days in and I fell extremely ill. It started with a dry sore throat. Every day I woke up with a new symptom. There was sinus congestion. Then there was persistent coughing. In fact all these symptoms pointed out to a COVID infection, yet I dreaded doing a COVID test.

Christmas day was here and I had a terrible headache, coupled with all the other symptoms. I was self-medicating and self -isolating but it got worse by the day. In fact during the day it would feel as though I was getting better, then in the night I had shorter breaths. By this time I still hadn’t done the test.

New Year came with a fever and fever blisters. This ugly blister was on my lip. I just woke up one morning and it was there. Just like that. Ah! What is all this? What is happening? From antibiotics to vitamin C, to paracetamol to cough mixture, my dining table was full of drugs. I even treated myself for malaria.

Can you believe that just the next day after the fever blister, I woke up with a swollen eye with fluid running down my eyes?! It was the strangest thing ever! In fact when I sleep and wake the next morning, I struggle to open my eyes because the fluid would have dried up. I have to wash my face and use a towel to clean up the dried fluid. It was so uncomfortable.

Then I had acute vomiting. Almost like that of a pregnant woman, I would vomit water and saliva in the mornings! One time I took my cough mixture because my throat hurt so much, and I vomited it all out. That day my stomach hurt like crazy, but thank GOD I didn’t die! It was serious chale! Herh!

As the days went by, I began to feel better. Perhaps it was that ginger concoction! I didn’t think my sore throat would take this long, to the extent that I even had a hoarse voice. At some point, I lost my voice completely that I would even struggle to make sound. It was so uncomfortable, I’m tempted to blame it on the devil!!!!!

But there’s COVID! In 2020, COVID took the world by surprise after making its debut in 2019. This flu-like infection has killed many people, but here I am today, alive, safe and sound! In fact there were new variants discovered some months ago, one of such is the OMICRON variant. I think mine was the Omicron because it was just crazy!

Thank God for my life, my people! I think I need to take the vaccine and the booster. At some point, I was part of the conspiracy theorists because I read and consumed too much information. Not anymore! Don’t be like me and wait till you fall ill before making up your mind. COVID is real. Stay safe out there. God is faithful.

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