by Brenda

Today’s woman crush #womeninspire is none other than Ghanaian entrepreneur, author and founder of The Fabulous Woman Network, Ama Duncan.

In the last couple of weeks, anytime I open the Instagram app I am welcomed with her live videos. I have joined in a few times and can attest to her awesomeness.

Ama is amazing for all the right reasons. Having garnered experience in Human Resource Development over 14 years, Ama left the corporate trap and its job security to start her own business. According to her, it was the right thing to do at the right time.

She then sought to help young people develop their businesses and networking capacity. This she did through her company, Corporate Training Solutions (CTS), where she trains professionals on customer relations.

While researching on her for this piece, I came across an article of hers on how she overcame low self-esteem. She recounted how being a manager of an international four-star hotel, travelling abroad and obtaining a Masters Degree still didn’t make her feel any belongingness. Having looked for validation in all the wrong places, she soon realized that no one can validate you except your Creator.

In rediscovering herself, Ama harnessed her passion for writing by becoming a published author. In 2017, she released her first book,Yarns of Inspiration I , which highlights her personal experiences from quitting her job to entering full-time entrepreneurship, as well as her personal views on love, family, work, faith, friendship and fear.

Additionally, she founded The Fabulous Woman Network (The FWN), a community of women coming together to share experiences, learn, network and collaborate, with the dream to empower women and youth economically to create wealth.

She also birthed Fub Hub Ashanti through this network – a co-working and event space for women in business, providing entrepreneurship training and business coaching.

Ama Duncan is also known for her speaking engagements. She has appeared on some big stages including Science Forum South Africa and National Treasure Conference, Dubai. She is also a facilitator for the British Council Jobs For Youth project as well as the No Business As Usual Hub Youth Entrepreneurship and Employability Program.

Today I celebrate you, Ama! Thank you for constantly sharing your knowledge with the world! Thank you for the tips on Selling Made Easy! Thank you for enhancing women-led businesses with the right development skills. Thank you for charting your own path and making us know that the mind can achieve whatever it sets out to do! Thank you! Thank you for being a woman who inspires! #womeninspire #womancrushwednesday

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