by Brenda

Accumulated adversity refers to the number of adverse events you have experienced in your lifetime particularly in the areas of finances, work, relationships, health,etc.

Here are ways you can deal with accumulated adversity!

1) Identify the source of the problem- Is it the economy crippling your finances? Or your attitude destroying your friendships? You need to identify why you keep dealing with one recurring issue over and over again.

2) Separate what you can change from what you cannot change- It is a fact that you cannot change the economy. Neither can you change people’s behavior towards you. But you can create multiple sources of income to make up for a struggling business or decide how you are going to react when dealing with difficult relationships.

3) Find the lesson in the problem- It is easier to give up when you’re standing in front of a huge mango tree. But when you change your perspective, you will see opportunities. Like the fruit on a mango tree, you will begin to see that before you, are several fruits waiting to be plucked. This will enable you to think of a strategy that will help you extract the lessons in the problem. Before you know it, you have a solution.

4) Speak to people about the problem- It is true that a problem shared is a problem solved. It is also true that wisdom is not in one man’s head! When you share your problems with others, it gives you the opportunity to have a clearer perspective with what you’re dealing with. Big or small, no problem is insurmountable, and the more you share your problems, the more you realize that two heads are better than one.

5) Change a few things- You know doing things the same way will give you the same results right? Maybe the problems keep recurring or accumulating because you keep doing things the same way and expecting different results. But that is not realistic! If you are expecting different, move different! If you are unemployed for years, it’s time to take on jobs that you don’t feel befit your status. One menial job can connect you to that CEO that will change your life forever.

6) The God factor- Believe it or not, there is a higher being controlling the affairs of this world. And He operates in His time. Adversity accumulated can only mean one thing: He’s trying to teach you a lesson you’re yet to catch. Will you catch that revelation already? And ask Him to order your steps into His perfect will? Prayer changes things. Don’t forget to seek His will before you take a step!

We all have different divine calendars by our Maker and the fact that you’re in your wilderness season doesn’t mean you won’t get to opulent season! It is just a matter of time. Try to see the good in the bad. I know it’s hard when a year on, you still have the same problems. But be rest assured that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE for GOD, and NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT, so accumulated or not, you problems will eventually end!

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